Institutional strengthening

Goal: To enhance programme continuity and organizational sustainability
To be able to implement the programmes in the four thematic areas, MID-P will seek support of its
funding partners to invest in the following institutional development activities
• Board elections and capacity enhancement for fund raising, networking and collaboration and
provision of policy direction.
• Staff capacity development to sharpen skills through staff capacity assessment, staff training
and retreat, review of all policy documents and staff performance appraisals
• Strengthen Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) in order to measure
performance and impact as well as disseminate project results and enhance accountability,
improve visibility and efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
• Social entrepreneurship to secure own generated and solicited income for sustainability
through joint and individual proposal writing, event organizing, seeking donations, training
and consultancy and technological innovations.
• Increased visibility of the organization by development of a marketing and communication
strategy, organize events and celebrations and facilitate media features