A New Kid on the block in the County Budgeting process

Today (November 9, 2021) Bulapesa Ward Planning Committee (BWPC) submitted a Memorandum to the Isiolo County Assembly Budget Committee Chairperson.  Bulapesa Ward was left out of the ADP 2022-2023. The Committee consulted the community and used the Ward Sector priorities to prepare the Memorandum.

BWPC becomes a new kid on the block in the matters of the County Budgeting process and the leadership must live up to challenge to sustain the advocacy effort in enhancing public participation. This is an excellent learning opportunity for other Ward Planning Committees. BWPC was formed in June 2021 in compliance with the Isiolo County Climate Change Fund Act 2018. The support was provided by USAID through Livestock Marketing System (LMS) -Strengthening Community Capacities and Resilience and Growth (SCCRG) of Mercy Corps.

(Bula pesa ward planning committee present memorandum to Isiolo County Assembly budget committee chair for FY 2021/2022)

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