Governance and Advocacy training for Wabera Ward Planing Committee (WPC)

Wabera WPC, a newly constituted urban ward has been receiving various capacity building training from Merti Integrated Development Programme (MIDP) under the auspices of Livestock Market System (LMS) programme. As stipulated in the 10-steps WDP model the committee has received ward development planning workshop, Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) training as well as market systems development training.  The reports from these training have been consolidated and validate at community sessions carried out across clusters of villages in the ward. The consolidated report forms the basis of drafting ward development plans. 

Additional MID-P conducted Governance and Advocacy training for Wabera WPC and local stakeholders on 20th January 2022. The training brought together 45 participants (18 men and 27 women) drawn from various local self-help groups, religious leaders, youth and women as well as people living with disability.

The objective of the training is to equip Wabera WPC with skills on Governance and advocacy which entails topics like county budget cycle, public participation, Isiolo county Climate Change Fund Act 2018 and key advocacy approaches as well as engaging media for publicity.

The WPC were taken through the role and responsibilities of WPC as stipulated in the Isiolo county climate change act 2018. Among the functions of WPC include but not limited to the following:

  • Consult with the community on the relevant climate finance activities;
  • Facilitate public participation at the ward level;
  • Develop project proposals from the community at the ward level;
  • Develop technical components of project proposals;
  • Procure goods and services for projects, including development of procurement plans for each project at ward level;
  • Monitor implementation of projects at the ward level
  • Prepare the budget at the ward level;
  • Preparing the ward level project reports

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